Thank you for agreeing to meet with your member of Congress to talk impeachment. Whether you have a 30-minute meeting or 30 seconds in the elevator with a staff member, making your voice heard is key to our movement. Read below for tips on how to be an effective impeachment activist. Remember your representatives work for YOU!

How to Schedule a Meeting or Visit with Your Member of Congress

  1. Meet With Your Member Training: Review these training materials for a refresher on how to meet with your Member of Congress.
  2. How to Set Up a Meeting: Read here for tips on how to secure a meeting with your Member of Congress: 

How to Prepare for Your Meeting & Take Effective Notes

  1. Build Your Agenda: Once you have a meeting set, you can use this document to build your meeting agenda.
  2. Research Your Representative: Use our lookup tool to find out where your Representative stands on impeachment including past votes and statements they’ve made. 
  3. Meeting Notes: Bring this with you to your meeting so you can take notes and share them with Need to Impeach. This helps make sure you ask the right questions and come up with a follow-up plan. 
  4. Meeting Notes Survey: Share your notes with us after your meeting. You can enter them right here to let us know how it went and inform our strategy as we make the case for impeachment to your representatives. 

What to Leave Behind with your member of Congress

  1. Sample letter for your Member of Congress: Be sure to edit this as you see fit - this is just a guide to help you get started. Personal letters are also very effective! 
  2. Political Case for Impeachment Memo: A memo to Congress describing why impeachment isn't just the right thing to do, it's also politically savvy.
  3. House Resolution 257: Inquiring whether the House of Representatives should impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America. Ask your representative to become a cosponsor of this bill. 
  4. Articles of Impeachment: If your representative supports impeachment but not the above resolution, suggest they introduce these articles themselves. 
  5. Impeachable Offenses: A list of Donald Trump's impeachable offenses 

Finally, remember you are part of an 8 million person movement! 

Since January, over 1,000 volunteers have completed over 300 visits to their members of Congress. We’ve dropped off Articles of Impeachment to every member of the House of Representatives, and delivered hundreds of thousands of notecards and millions of petition signatures to key members of Congress. It’s working! Dozens of members of Congress have come out in support for impeachment.

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