Letters to the editor are an effective way to make the case for impeachment at the local and national level. Newspapers that receive letters to the editor focusing on impeachment will signal to editors that impeachment is an important topic to cover. Additionally, when letters to the editor also highlight and mention your local Representative, that also ensures that the Member of Congress’s will likely see your letter in the daily press clippings they read. It’s an important way to keep the drumbeat up and help educate the public about Donald Trump’s many impeachable offenses. Since these letters can be so effective in making the case for impeachment, we have provided these materials to make it easier for you to send in your letters. 


This document will walk you through how to write and submit a letter to the editor or op-ed to your local newspaper. It also includes key impeachment messaging that you can use in any op-ed. 


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Additionally, we have provided you with some fact sheets and talking points that can help you include the most effective, clear messaging in your letter. Please see below for important messaging guidelines and fact sheets. 

Mueller Report Talking Points: This document includes key talking points about the Mueller Report.

Judiciary Committee Explainer: This document outlines the House Judiciary Committee’s unique and important role in impeachment proceedings. 

Ways & Means Talking Points: These are important talking points for those who live in a district with a Representative on the Ways & Means committee - the committee that can subpoena Donald Trump’s tax returns. 

Donald Trump’s Tax Returns: This document highlights some important facts about Donald Trump’s tax returns and what the Ways & Means Committee can do about obtaining them.

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Once your letter is published, we want to amplify and share it with others! Be sure to email your Organizing Manager and email a copy to voices@needtoimpeach.com

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