Thank you for agreeing to meet with your member of Congress to talk impeachment. In January, hundreds of volunteers dropped off Articles of Impeachment with every single member of the House of Representatives. Now it’s your turn to follow up with your Member.  Read below for more information about how to set up a meeting with your Representative, and how to make the most out of it. 

Review this training document for a refresher on how to meet with your Member of Congress:
Meet With Your Member Training

Use this document for tips on how to secure a meeting with your Member of Congress:
How to Set Up a Meeting

Once you have a meeting set, you can use this document to build your meeting agenda:
Build Your Agenda

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes Survey

Here are some documents you can leave behind with your Members of Congress:

  1. Craft a letter to your Member of Congress to leave behind. Here’s a sample letter for you to edit and make your own!
  2. You should also include some other helpful materials from us: Articles of Impeachment 
  3. Impeachable Offenses
  4. House Resolution 257: Inquiring whether the House of Representatives should impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America. 
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